Bodies of Work

These sculptures are a reflection of past cultures, distorted by a mirror of aged antiquity, seen through a haze of modern neon lights. In this blurred reflection appear the remnants of shared beliefs, fears, joys, mistakes, angers, atrocities, and hopes. Is it possible that in thousands of years of civilization, the motives, drives, and emotions behind human behavior have remained the same: that every step forward is just a reinterpretation of forgotten pathways?

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The abstract twisting and turning sculptures are a manifestation of every event that has taken place in order for life to exist as it does today; a ripple that disperses and collides with other ripples, coalescing into an undulating and ever-changing existence.  Imagine the ripples created in a pond when a person throws a handful of pebbles into the water. They are vast, dispersing, and seem to reverberate to no end.  Now imagine the ripples created by every living creature continuously throwing pebbles into an endless pond, a pond not only influenced by the pebbles, but the cosmos as well.  This is much harder to grasp one’s mind around and is the effect I strive to create within my work.

© 2018 by Sarah Hahn