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Commissioning an Original Piece of Art:

love on the cliffs of Ireland 13
homeless maquette

My goal is to fill spaces with original and meaningful pieces of art instead of mass produced products.

Whether you have a specific piece in mind, a loose concept, or simply want an original piece of artwork to grace your home or business, I am happy to create a one-of-a-kind piece for you.  I create artwork that ranges from functional, decorative, and thought provoking.  Using a variety of materials such as clay, plaster, cast and fabricated metal, resin, and plastic enables me to work within most clients’ budget and locational needs.  Accompanying each finished piece is an artist statement and certificate of authenticity.

Answer as many of the questions listed below to help develop ideas for the project.  A verbal or written consultation will take place before any sketches or models are created.  These consultations are free of charge.  After the free consultation sketches or models will be created for the client. A fee will be charged for the time and effort to create the sketches and models.  The fee will be determined before the sketches or models are begun. This fee may be deducted from the final cost of the project if the client commissions the final piece.  The payment for the final piece can be broken into smaller increments over time, which will be worked out between the artist and the client in a contract before work on the final piece begins.

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Pictures and Process

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